Easy Project Manager Software

Easy Project Manager Software can be a slogan or it can be a business credo.
When used as a slogan, it’s nothing more than a hollow statement about a product
with no real meaning.

But when you make “easy project manager software” your credo, and then you follow
this credo in your daily business practices, you truly do end up with project manager software that’s easy to use, intuitive to follow, and an effective tool in your productivity arsenal.

So what really differentiates software and makes one easy to use and another complicated? Much of this is embodied in the business philosophy of the company creating the software because that’s where it all starts and then flows downhill, building strength and momentum the further it travels.

I think the best example you can use to compare this philosophy is to examine Apple products to a standard PC, or an iPhone to an Android based phone. While both tools offer an amazing range of capabilities, it’s well known that Apple just makes it easier. Easier to start, easier to maintain and easier to communicate with other tools.

Need to add a printer? With a PC you need to download drivers, add to the network and then hope for the best. With an Apple, just plug it in and start printing. Create a network?With Apple, just point and click and it’s done. With a PC…good luck, I’ve never been able to get one to work.

Buying a cell phone yields the same result. Android is an amazing platform but you need to “think”, download programs, and then configure your system. With an Apple iPhone, I simply turn it on and go. No thinking, no configuring… just push button simple.

And if I “choose” to work it a little harder, I can add and configure things with the Apple iPhone but really do not need to unless I want to take the step to the next level. With Android, I have no choice, it forces me to “think” right out of the box.

Not to sound like a dope, but sometimes I really don’t want to think too hard. I turn on TV and watch it. I don’t need to think to watch TV. Of course, people that watch too much TV usually aren’t the worlds greatest thinkers anyhow but that’s a whole other topic.

So here’s the key to me, this is my definition of what easy project manager software should do; I simply want my software to be easy to use out of the box, yet powerful enough to be able to make it perform advanced functionality when, and if, I choose to “think” and take it beyond the standard functions.

Is that really too much to ask?

Can I have this level of simplicity and ease of use in project manager software, yet still have the power I need, when I need it?

The answer is a definitive YES.

Premium Web Project gives me exactly this capability in their  and they’ll even give you a FREE 30 day trial so you can prove it to yourself. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend that you do so right now – to get your free trial (no credit card required).

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